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About Looper

Looper is personalised cloud-based RSS Generator (SaaS) that can publish your messages and content to an unlimited number of compatible RSS readers. It's all you need to update your message and media in real time to your audience. When coupled to Digital Signage Systems, this feed can be used to post live updates with ease in real time from any device. News, Information, What’s on, Notice boards, Sport results, Emergency Information, Welcome information, Updates to your staff and much more. Your feed, your choice.

The name Looper represents the function of the display (reader ) end, and how your content would normally seen. An RSS reader captures the RSS feed information and displays this information starting with the most recent post received. It cycles through the list of posts and when completed, it loops back to the start and repeats indeffently, until it receives new update or new message to process. Looper is set to a maximum of six unique messages per user channel. Enjoy your looping.


Short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, RSS has revolutionised the way that users interact and process out information. An RSS feed is a method of delivering regularly changing content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS feed to whoever wants to view it. Looper does just that, but instead of using a third parties needs feed, you generate your own here.


Looper’s unique RSS solves a problem for people who regularly want to update digital signage content on the fly and in real time when required. A personal RSS feed coupled to a digital signage RSS template is a powerful combined communication tool. Once you're up to speed on Looper, you'll realize that there are so many ways that you can use your RSS feed.


Looper is a software tool developed for your use. We are not responsible for the content you publish, where this is displayed or who is managing it. Before publishing any content, you will be asked to agree with Looper's T&C's. Click here to read. If you do have a need to report a post that you have viewed, please don't heaseate to contact with the Feed name, location and the details of the post, and we will make contact with the publisher. If in douth, looper will simply remove the account and all its content from our systems as fast as possible.

Easy to Use


Get connected...... Request a looper account within the login area. Choose a Feed name ( the name of your business, environment, department etc.)  and a password that allows you to login in the future to make your posts. When completed, you will receive e-mail conformation that your account is set-up and ready to use. Get Looping.

 Message and Publish

Like most social media sites, the publishing of your message  is a very simple excercise. Type your headline, type your message and if you wish add a photo. Review and post. All your displayed posts will remain listed under your login area until removed, edited or changed. Get Looping.   

Display Result

Any RSS reader on any device will be able to read your post.
(only after you include your personal RSS Looper Link and ID as displayed in the messaging area. )  In the case of Connected Digital Signage systems, obviously it is possible to simply attach your RSS feed to ticker tape that scrolls across the bottom you your display, however this feed output can also be designed and adapted for large poster frame sets, and operate as a full screen posters.   

Anywhere on the planet

Not just another feed.  The Looper feed when intergrated to a  Digital Signage platform can be deployed anywhere in the world and beyond if required. However, it still will function from one end of a room to the other just as good. 

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